NOCTURNE develops custom technical and management solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. These solutions include:

  • Integrated management systems and quality management systems for organizations operating in regulated or high-consequence environments (such as nuclear energy, telecommunications, and oil & gas)
  • Major revisions to legacy management systems and to policy, process and procedural documentation
  • Integrated institutional knowledge management systems
  • Outsourced documentation and records management systems
  • Outsourced quality assurance systems and services
  • Technical writing and editing service bureaus (providing technical communications support to your internal content owners and subject-matter specialists)
  • Policy and training based solutions for managing risk, information security and cybersecurity 
  • SharePoint-based intranets, document libraries, records centres, and knowledge-management systems.

Standardized methodologies and technologies guarantee proven solutions for clients, while reducing the costs normally associated with management and knowledge system implementation.

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