NOCTURNE provides a wide range of management and support services. Key consulting services include:

Management services

  • Definition and continuous improvement of corporate governance systems
  • Requirements management support for integrated management systems
  • Process management and quality management systems
  • IT support and IT-based management system consulting

Quality assurance (QA) services

  • Quality assurance and quality control (QC) training 
  • Project QA and project quality plans
  • Information QA, including documentation, records and training quality 
  • Change management 
  • Quality management systems and procedures 

Knowledge management services

  • Institutional knowledge management and knowledge transfer 
  • Information design, including documentation, records and training development 
  • Corporate and technical communications and training 

Information governance services

  • Document-control and records-control systems and processes 
  • Information asset management 
  • Digital strategy development and execution 
  • Database management and electronic discovery 
  • Intellectual property protection strategies 

Information security services

  • Risk assessment
  • Policy development and training
  • Implementation of technical controls and measures
  • Managed systems implementation 

Process improvement and risk management services

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Continuous improvement
  • Business continuity and disaster planning

In addition to à la carte consulting services, we also offer integrated business solutions.